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What is New in IPC Standards A-610F-WAM1 & J-STD-001F-WAM1 ?

In order to keep up with industry demand, IPC has released amendments for J-STD-001F, Requirements for Soldered Electrical and Electronic Assemblies, and IPC-A-610F, Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies. For each standard, IPC-A-610F Amendment 1 and IPC J-STD-001F Amendment 1 represents a critical shift to deliver necessary updates to these already robust standards. In order for a […]

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Graphene and 2D Materials Technologies, Production & End-User Markets

Two-dimensional(2D) materials are currently one of the most active areas of nano-materials research, and offer a huge opportunity for both fundamental studies and practical applications, including superfast, low-power, flexible and wearable electronics, sensors, photonics and electrochemical energy storage devices that will have an immense impact on our society. Graphene is a ground-breaking two-dimensional (2D) material […]

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